This page Contains Comments from around the world from real people and what they have to say about Raul Pena and his Tutorials/Videos.


"The lesson is excellent.Best wishes" (about the Doepfer A188-1 BBD basics video)-Dieter Doepfer, Germany

"Thanks for taking the time to make this Raul ". -Tony D, Boulder, Co

"Ace demos!"-bliss000,UK

"Simple and clear Raul, thanks" -Leoespejo, unknown location

" I for one have subscribed to your channel.These are great tutorials,thanks!" -ZoeB, UK

"Nice Work Raul,really enjoyed all of these" -David, unknown location

"Great Videos!" -Clockgate, Cork, Ireland

"Thank you!" -lag, Greece

"Really good videos, thank you for the time and the effort you put into that" .(A110 series)- thomas_gray, Lyon, France

"Thanks, very nice video(s)".-Floyd Pepper, North Umberland,UK

"I'm Collecting these!"- Paranormal Patroler

"Good Work!"-chvad, Brooklyn,NY.

"Thanks for posting this". (about the BBD Delay series)- Bakis Sirros


" I've been into music and noise creation since I was a teenager but never had the patience to actually learn how to play any instrument properly. I am now in my 60's and my son(15) has developed a keen interest in making music. He is at an advantage as he plays the electric guitar quite well and has a young brain. He has awakened a new urge in me and together we have gone for the Doepfer modular system. I found your videos on Youtube and have been hooked. I learned more in the 2 hours I spent watching than I did trying to read the manual. Keep up the good work and I expect to spend many more hours watching and hopefully putting into practice your excellant tutorials." -Anthony, UK