Do you have clients?

I have worked with Doepfer, 4MS, Tiptop Audio,Steady State Fate, Synthrotek and Malekko Heavy Industry.

Who is Raul?

Raul Pena is a musician and fan of modular based sound creation. He is the owner and operator of Raul's World of Synths/Modular Wild,LLC. He is also the creator and narrator of the two video shows Modular Wild and Raul's World of Synths. By creating informative and educational videos about Eurorack Modular equipment he is helping bridge the gap between man and machine. He is dedicated to making complex and seemingly abstract ideas into simple and easy to understand concepts. 

What are his qualifications?

Raul received a combined Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and Music Technology Certificate from the University of Texas at San Antonio. While attending he received academic accolades such as the UTSA award in Music Technology, Golden Key Society, National Scholars Honor Society, and Omnicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society.  He also has received certificates of completion from other schools such as the Audio Enginearing Institute, Recording Workshop Music, Audio, and Sound Production School, and  Future Rhythm (Digidesign certified Training Center).

What is Raul's World of Synths/Modular Wild?

The Raul's World of Synths/Modular Wild entity consists of two parts. The business side is dedicated to the production of high quality demonstration/educational/promotional videos of musical products for individuals and businesses for a fee. The promotional side consists of two Educational/Entertainment video shows viewable on Youtube.

What's the difference between Raul's World of Synths and Modular Wild?

Each episode of Raul's World of Synths video show varies between 7-20 minutes in length. Content is usually formatted around one specific module and examines the exploration of all its features and functions with narration and audio demonstrations.

The Modular Wild video show consists of segments based on viewer feedback from Raul's World of Synths video show. Five different segments provide a wide variety of topics, modules, and formats for viewers.

What are the five segments in the Modular Wild video show about?

Profile- A narrated video segment with a basic approach to functions and features with little or no audio demonstration.

Sounds- An unnarrated video segment which features only sound demonstrations with text describing features/functions being heard.

MATHS Minute- A segment dedicated to the Make Noise MATHS. After a brief introduction, in 60 seconds or less (one minute) a patch with the Make Noise MATHS is constructed and heard.

Feedback- Users questions or comments are explored.

Patch It- A narrated segment with the extensive and complex patching of a medium to large format Modular System. Emphasis is on sound/noise creation in free-form.

Does anyone really watch these videos?

Since the inception of Raul's World of Synths in September of 2011, Raul's tutorial videos have received over 65,000 views,  and has accumulated over 500 subscribers.

Where are viewers from?

Viewers are from everywhere. 22% are from the US. 14 % from Germany,10% from the UK, 5% from France, 8% from Italy and the Netherlands, and 43% from other regions of the world!

How do ask a question?

Check out the Contact page. Please fill out the form completely. I'm also on twitter and Facebook.

How do I contact you to make a video for me or my organization?

Please fill out the form found on my Contact page with any relevant information regarding the demonstration video for which you would like to request a quote.

How can I support Raul's World of Synths/Modular Wild?

Buy a song or two! Raul Pena has several Albums of music downloads available on iTunes and CDBaby (Modular Wild-2012, Melodies from Raul's World of Synths-2012, and Raul's World of Synths-2009). The occasional view or comment on my YouTube channels ( and is always appreciated as well. And of course...Spread the Word!