Just spoke with Tony at Make Noise

Just touched base about the upcoming release of Modular Wild...tentatively planned for December 16,only two weeks after my CD Modular Wild gets released, its harder to time all these things than I thought. He writes:

"Wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the videos. 

December is great timing since we will finally have more MATHS in stock by then :) We've been out of stock on them since early summer. 

If you give me a heads up I could promote over our Twitter and Facebook accounts."

Great news. Really excited about this and the new MATHS Minute show... In all honesty..I have been very secretive about the format of the show and even the teaser I showed Tony left some of the Surprise of the format out....Can't wait to see the reaction. I think it will be a hit with MATHS fans.

:)  fingers crossed!!!

Beginnings of Modular Wild

I got this idea quite a while back. Ever since beginning the Raul's World of Synths Doepfer Videos and receiving a moderate response I wondered what type of message I was sending using exclusively only Doepfer equipment. I was not under any endorsement or request to create these videos. These have always been just something I love to learn and talk about.

I wondered if there was a way to ease into Raul's World of Synths the non-Doepfer Modules...after several months, a format has seemed to develop on its own from only Doepfer modules. So blending at this late stage seemed unlikely. It was that time about 9 months ago I began to invest in creating a second system to feature demonstrations and videos in. In my mind it seemed logical for it to be a little more varied due to the manufacturers wide range of design aesthetics and functionality. But what to call this "new" show....Then one day it came to me as I remembered back to days of watching Wild Kingdom as a kid.  A show about the ins and outs of modulars and since each module can sometime exhibit its own character...well...you get the idea...I based the format on feedback I received from a survey I took from viewers of  the Raul's World of Synths Videos, likes/dislikes, what could be better, what was not covered, and in the end put my own little spin on it..

Completed copyrights today!

Filed the last remaining copyrights needed for the new show. The Modular Wild, show format I copyrighted a few months back. These last few were for my new CD "Modular Wild", also the name of my new business, 12 days of Modular, and other odds and ends. Want to get as many loose ends tied up as I can before Modular Wild's Release.