Beginnings of Modular Wild

I got this idea quite a while back. Ever since beginning the Raul's World of Synths Doepfer Videos and receiving a moderate response I wondered what type of message I was sending using exclusively only Doepfer equipment. I was not under any endorsement or request to create these videos. These have always been just something I love to learn and talk about.

I wondered if there was a way to ease into Raul's World of Synths the non-Doepfer Modules...after several months, a format has seemed to develop on its own from only Doepfer modules. So blending at this late stage seemed unlikely. It was that time about 9 months ago I began to invest in creating a second system to feature demonstrations and videos in. In my mind it seemed logical for it to be a little more varied due to the manufacturers wide range of design aesthetics and functionality. But what to call this "new" show....Then one day it came to me as I remembered back to days of watching Wild Kingdom as a kid.  A show about the ins and outs of modulars and since each module can sometime exhibit its own get the idea...I based the format on feedback I received from a survey I took from viewers of  the Raul's World of Synths Videos, likes/dislikes, what could be better, what was not covered, and in the end put my own little spin on it..